We are committed to bringing you the very best in professional haircare, the products we use are as essential in completing your style as the skills of our stylists. All our products are professional and of the highest quality, this means you can’t get them on the high street they need to be prescribed by a professional.

We only use products we sell and only sell products we use. When you visit the salon we will work with you to create a style that suits your needs which is as individual as you are to ensure the style works for you. We will prescribe a range of haircare to ensure your hair looks and feels great everyday.

O Way

Ortofficina is the biodynamic farm where the O Way natural extracts are grown. 50,000 square meters of land which are farmed according to the biodynamic method.

It is an essential part of the O Way culture and process, it is how they ensure that we know the provenance, of all ingredients. It is how O Way can ensure that every step of the production process is managed by Organic Way.

On their farm, in the Bologna hills, O Way grow, harvest and distill 12 different types of medicinal plants directly.

Rosemary, lemon balm, sage, thyme, mint and helichrysum are grown with love, processed without using chemicals and solvents and become the zero-mile biodynamic ingredients in the O Way Organic formulas.


Saving ordinary human-beings from themselves. Ethically and sustainably sourced and natural where possible. With some impressive credentials and a lot of humour, evo is a lifestyle brand for the modern style-hungry fashionista. All evo products only contain active ingredients they don’t fill it full of mythical technology and yaks kak or Himalayan carrot extract and there’s no over sexualised images just good solid products that deliver great results every time. Oh and our Artistic Director is the International Educator for Evo.